Academy At Home

Academy At Home

The Academy@Home is a personalized program which sets the highest standards in training for your seriously committed junior golfer. It provides what they need to succeed at the highest levels of the game in a way that cannot be matched...even by the most highly regarded boarding academies. And it's all done while juniors live at home and continue to achieve in other areas such as academics and community.

A Comprehensive Program

We provide direction and feedback in every area that effects success in competitive golf. And we do so using the most up to date research and technology.

  • Technique
    • Full swing, short game and putting technique
    • Use of TrackMan (golf's leading technology, which measures ball flight and club delivery), Swing Catalyst (the industry standard to develop and fine tune a player's power sources and consistency),  K-Vest (3D technology powered by TPI research and software), SAM PuttLab (featuring the precision of ultrasound technology) and high speed video
  • The Game
    • Golf IQ - process, practice and strategy
    • Managing ball flight - how to hit the ball high or low, curve it right or left and how to manage ball flight even if the swing is off
  • Your Game
    • Mental preparation and management including pre and post tournament consultations and and use of GolfPsych tools and HeartMath bio-feedback
    • Fitness assessment and direction using TPI tools, integrated with technique.
    • Measurement using ShotByShot to ensure that no part of your junior's game is left behind.
    • Communication using Coach Now to establish goals, make a plan to achieve them and monitor progress along the way.
  • Performance and Investment
    • Training using the principles of periodization. We use the seasonality of the northeastern climate to our advantage, mastering technical skills in winter while managing them in summer. Conversely, we master playing skills in summer and manage them in winter.

Our Trademark "Highly Personalized" Approach

Nearly all training is in a one to one private setting. Ratios of 2:1 or 3:1 are occasionally used when group work is important to the content being delivered.

Research Based Instruction

We provide steak, not sizzle!

  • Many schools offer programs with high student to teacher ratios and/or use instructors with little research based training. In these cases, the breadth and depth of content is simply not comparable to what we offer.
  • Dom personally directs and delivers this program, bringing to bear his deep credentials, his playing experience and his legendary commitment to his students.

A Consistent and Coherent Message

We provide content in a way that enables our students to hear the same message from Junior Camp at age 5 all the way up to preparation for major championships. The message is always appropriate to where they are in their golf journey.

And our approach is synergistic. We teach each part of the game in a way that is complimentary with the way we teach other areas. Work done in one area will be used in a different part of the game we teach it in a way that allows our students to learn it once and use it many ways.

A Sustainable Plan

Excellence in golf is a marathon, not a sprint. Our program is designed so that it can be sustained over time, growing as the golfer grows. We meet the evolving needs of our students, whatever they may be.

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