New to Dijulia Golf?

New to Dijulia Golf?


Get Started with a New Student Assessment​...

Welcome to our school! We look forward to working with you to take your game to new levels.

​We Are  Here to Help:

​If you have any questions or simply want to speak with one of our staff, we recommend that you give us a call at 215-862-9045. Our personnel are extremely knowledgeable about our academy and can answer any question you may have. Whether your questions be about our philosophy, training and experience, programs, booking procedures or even technical questions, you will be impressed with our entire team's ability to help you.

To Book Now:

​If you are ready to book your New Student Assessment now, click here and select New Student Assessment as your lesson type. Assessments last longer than regular lesson because we need the extra time to get to know you and your game, and that time is on us. If you are unable to find a time that meets your needs, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Your New Student Assessment will include:

  • An interview during which we will learn about you and your golf journey
  • A discussion about your goals
  • A biomechanical assessment
  • An assessment of your game
  • Your first coaching experience at DiJulia Golf
  • Notes outlining the points covered in that coaching session
After that initial visit, you and your coach will be in a great position to discuss a fully customized improvement plan that fits your unique ability, time and budget.
Give us a call now and begin your journey toward better golf!
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 Directions - Once you arrive:
At Jericho National:
  • As you look from Brownsburg Road, proceed to the bag drop area on the far right hand side of the clubhouse.
  • From there, walk to the golf course side of the clubhouse.
  • Walk past the putting green and then past the first tee and look for a golf cart parking area on the right where you will find white carts with DiJulia Golf logos on them.
  • Take one of the white golf carts in the same direction that you were walking. You will pass the 6th green on your right and will then come to a "Y" in the path. Take the right branch of the "Y" and look for the driving range as confirmation that you are headed the right way. The path that takes you across the back of the range tee will continue down the left side of the range to our school at the bottom of the hill. It is the building at the base of the tall pines.