You won't have to read very far to see why GolfPsych is our partner in the mental game. Together, we help you work on your mental game in a way that will certainly save you shots. Look at the following list as a ladder that you can climb down. The further down the list you go, the further down your scores will really is that simple.

Step 1

Visit the GolfPsych home page and register for a free video about mental routines. Taking this simple action will also get you the free monthly newsletter, "Golf Gimmees," written and distributed by GolfPsych. It's free and it comes directly to your email inbox - it's an easy opportunity for improvement.

Step 2

Next, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to gain access to free articles written by GolfPsych's founders, Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler.

Step 3

The third step toward a better mental game is to read The Eight Traits of Champion Golfers. It is an easy and fun read - there are many stories about players that you know. Even better, it serves as a mental text book or reference book as well. You won't have to work hard to find both the solutions that your game needs and clear direction on how to implement them.

Step 4

Now you are well on your way to lower scores resulting from an improving mental game. At this point you need a coach. A personalized and onging relationship with one of our coaches can help you build upon the basics you have read about and can help you remain committed to these fundamentals as your game progresses. We know your whole game, so we can best advise you on how to proceed given your unique circumstance. Contact us to get started.

Step 5

The next step is to ask your instructor how to use a GolfPsych test to further develop your mental game. The output and recommendations from the test will teach you about your mental skills and will help you understand how your personality affects your game. Ask your coach, Dom or Mark, which tests are best for you: the GolfPsych Game Book or the GolfPsych Game Book Pro. These tests provide you and your instructor with measured information that has been Tour Researched, Tour Tested and is Tour Proven to provide you solutions in the mental game.