Want to play better golf? Then you need Coaching, Integration and Customization. At DiJulia Golf, we are uniquely qualified to do all three.

You Need Coaching

You Need  Integration

You Need Customization

A coach is defined as "someone who takes you from where you are to where you want to go." When it comes to sports, including golf, this implies a long-term relationship during which the coach oversees a player’s overall development. This allows the athlete to perform at higher and higher levels.

At DiJulia Golf, we provide our players with a continuous process of assessment, development and integration of skills that encompass the whole game – everything that affects their scores - so they can go from where they are today to where they want to be...

Integration is the part of skilled coaching and teaching that allows players to perform at their peak in what is commonly referred to as in "the zone." It is the final effort to help a player take all skills, old, new and developing and have them all work together harmoniously on the course.

As an analogy, think of a golfer as being an entire "orchestra." The conductor enhances the entire orchestra’s performance by training each section separately (winds, strings, percussion etc.) We, as coaches, help golfers train the various parts of their game (putting, short game, wedge play and long game)...

We customize by meeting you where you are. We lead you through a unique journey toward better golf by finding the best way for you, not by espousing one right way. We also customize by addressing your skills in the right dose, at the right time, and in the best way for you.

When customizing your program, we ask you about your goals and habits and try to get an understanding about what type of golfer you are. Our recommendations and coaching are then formed to help meet your needs...