You Need Coaching

You Need Coaching

A coach is defined as "someone who takes you from where you are to where you want to go." When it comes to sports, including golf, this implies a long-term relationship during which the coach oversees a players overall development. This allows the athlete to perform at higher and higher levels.

At DiJulia Golf, we provide our players with a continuous process of assessment, development and integration of skills that encompass the whole game everything that affects their scores - so they can go from where they are today to where they want to be.

As coaches we assess.

  • What are your goals? What scores do you currently shoot? How has all this changed since last season? Which part of your game offers the best opportunity to improve your score right now? What will need to be addressed over time? We use technology, stats and our experience to evaluate where you are and to determine exactly what you need to do to push your game forward.

As coaches we develop.

  • Whatever you need to develop - putting, short game, wedge play, long game, playing skills, we can help. Our assessment process tells us which skills to address, and which elements of those skills need the most work. For example, is it your technique, your decision-making or your self-management? Whatever your weak link is, we help you to both acquire and to master the skills you will need to turn a weakness into a strength. From motor skills to the mental game we know how to push your game forward.

As coaches we integrate.

  • It is not enough to make swing improvements on the range if you can't bring them to the course. And it is not enough to help you develop a versatile short game in the practice area if you don't know which of your new shots to play when you get on the course. After we help you develop the many skills needed to reach your full potential, we help you integrate all of those skills so that performance on the course can be both effortless and effective.