TrackMan makes us better coaches and will make you a better golfer. It allows us to precisely measure what is happening at the moment of truth - impact - and it gives us precise information about ball flight. So, we're not guessing and you don't have to either. With TrackMan as one of our partners, you have the opportunity to learn with the same world class tool as the best players in the world.
Dom says, "Because the facts about your swings and shots are measured and are plainly displayed on the screen, you can more fully appreciate why we say what we say.  As a result, you will know for a fact that you are working on the right things. This increases trust, and reduced doubt goes a long way in your effort to master the game and shoot lower scores."
We selected TrackMan because it helps our students to improve in every aspect of the Golf Matrix. Click on the links to learn more and see actual screen shots. We'll be adding examples all season.

  • Practice on TrackMan assures you that you are doing what you intend, or gives you the opportunity to make the adjustment. 

Transfer Training and Skills Testing
  • TrackMan games and TrackMan's Combine assesses your skills and tracks your progress in a way that simulates play on the course.
The Game/ Your Game

  • TrackMan measures precisely the CARRY distance that you hit each club.  Knowing this will dramatically improve your decision making on the course.
Bag Consultation
  • TrackMan helps us to determine if you have the correct mix of clubs in your bag and allows us to make precise recommendations if you don't.
Wedge Fitting
  • TrackMan helps us discover the exact combination of wedges that will help you shoot lower scores by increasing accuracy from 125 yards and in.
Driver Fitting
  • TrackMan measurements help us optimize your drives in a way that considers both distance and accuracy.

  • TrackMan decisively demonstrates the effect on ball flight when things like grip or ball position are changed.  It will truly give you a better appreciation of how the fundamentals got their name.
Swing Changes
  • TrackMan helps you identify and commit to the 3 things you need to remember, (for example posture, aim and your backswing feel,) so that you can let go of the other 997 thoughts that are bouncing around in your head.
Shot Making
  • TrackMan helps us discover and label the best way for you to hit the variety of shots that golf requires, one by one.

Remember Dr. Rick Jensen's Twelve Truths. The keys to playing to your potential on the golf course are ball control, self management and decision making. TrackMan helps us with all three. That's why the best golfers in the world use it - and that's why we do too.  Take a look here to see who else is using TrackMan.