You Need Integration

You Need Integration

Integration allows players to perform at their peak in what is commonly referred to as "the zone." Itís part of coaching and teaching. A very important part, and one only the most skilled coaches and teachers can accomplish. It is the final effort to help a player take all skills, old, new and developing, and have them all work together, harmoniously, on the course.

As an analogy, think of a golfer as being an entire "orchestra." The conductor enhances the entire orchestraís performance by training each section separately (winds, strings, percussion etc.) We, as coaches, help golfers train the various parts of their game (putting, short game, wedge play and long game.)

And within the wind section, the conductor may work with the chair one flute. That is like a golfer needing help in putting (the wind section), but more specifically with their set up and stroke (flute - chair one) and maybe their green reading as well (oboe - chair one.)

The targeted work on the flute and the oboe is important, and it will help the orchestra to perform. An orchestra of highly skilled musicians will sound pretty good the first time they play together. But they won't play at peak performance until all sections train together under the direction of an expert conductor.

Similarly, when a golfer improves putting set up and stroke along with green reading, his or her putting will improve, but performance would not yet be in "the zone." Getting in "the zone" requires integration, and players who train under a skilled coach and teacher learn how integrate all of their skills and slip into the elusive "zone" state more reliably than their peers.

If you want to play your best when it matters most, you need integration. It is the final step that leads to peak performance and it is a complex and continuous job. As skilled coaches and teachers, we can help you reach and conquer this final step.