You Need Customization

You Need Customization

We customize by meeting you where you are.

We lead you through a unique journey toward better golf by finding the best way for you, not by espousing one right way. We also customize by addressing your skills in the right dose, at the right time, and in the best way for you.

When customizing your program, we ask you about your goals and habits and try to get an understanding about what type of golfer you are. Our recommendations and coaching are then formed to help meet your needs.

Players tend to fall into one of the following three groups:

Competitive Golfers are juniors and adults of all handicap levels who play with the intention of being successful in competitive events. These events include amateur and/or professional competitions on club, local, regional and national levels. Players prepare for these events by practicing, playing daily rounds and practice rounds, and using regular coaching, professional fitting and golf-specific fitness.

Committed Golfers are juniors and adults of all handicap levels who have the desire to take personal proficiency to a higher level. They practice and/or engage in game improvement activities like reading, videos or lessons two or more times per week, but they do not currently compete or plan to compete in the near future.

Recreational Golfers are juniors and adults of all handicap levels who may play frequently but practice or engage in game improvement activities less than twice per week. A recreational golfer's goal from instruction is problem solving, not game development. This player may be very passionate about the game and, when educated about the benefits of game development, may choose to become a committed or competitive golfer.

We use our knowledge of which type of player you are, along with the information that we gather in our Initial Assessment Interview, to develop a plan that will move your game from where it is to where you want it to be. Your goals, the amount that you practice and play, your tournament schedule, your strengths and opportunities and many other factors affect the program that we create with and for you. Once we establish a player / coach relationship, we reassess your game and your progress on a regular basis.