Mental Training

Mental Training

The mental game matters. Studies by the National Golf Foundation have confirmed that players who purposely work on their mental games have handicaps four shots lower than players who donít. Itís simple; working on your mental game will save you strokes.

With our players, we address the mental game every time we see them. Our primary resource in doing so is Dr. Rick Jensen, the nationally recognized sports psychologist whose clients have won a total of 33 major championships. Rickís seminal work on improvement in golf, Easier Said Than Done, outlines the 12 tour-tested truths you must know and apply to play to your potential on the golf course.

We also rely upon another partner, GolfPsych, to assist us with personalized assessments and data. Together these two partners give us the tools to help you develop this crucial part of your game including:

Lessons, including playing lessons, that focus on the mental game:

  • Transferring your range game to the course
  • Transferring your casual round ability to tournaments
  • Developing appropriate mental routines
  • Maintaining focus
  • Dealing with distractions and adversity

Testing to evaluate your mental conditioning, and personalized recommendations regarding:

  • Mental skills
  • Personality

Guided reading:

  • Newsletters, articles, books
  • Click here for a beginning reading list we recommend to all students

If you are not directly and purposefully working on your mental game, you are simply leaving shots out on the course.

You can read more about Dr. Rick Jensenís twelve truths here, and more about the Golf Psych process here.