Top 100 Instruction

Top 100 Instruction

We Get Results

Dom was first honored as a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America in 2007. Why is he consistently included in this elite group? Because at DiJulia Golf we get results. Using a September, 2009 GOLF Magazine study as a basis, we track our ability to help players reduce their handicap and we are proud of our results.

Average Handicap Reduction

Top 100 Teachers Average 35%
Dom DiJulia 83%
Mark Walder 61%

How Do We Do It?

We invest in training and tools that are second to none, and we integrate it all into our programs. We attend state-of-the art education programs that allow us to bring the most up to date thinking to our players. Our stable of technology is tour quality. From TrackMan and Swing Catalyst to PuttLab and K-Vest, we use the same technology used by the tour pros. Finally, we work tirelessly to integrate this world class knowledge into every program – from private instruction to Junior Camp.

Get Started with a Phone Consultation

We recommend that once you've reviewed our programs, you give us a call. We are serious about our commitment to customize your improvement efforts and a one-on-one phone consultation is the first step to making sure you get the best program for your needs.