Transfer Training with TrackMan

Transfer Training with TrackMan

When you practice, what are actually working on?  Your swing?  A swing position?  You should be practicing "ball control" because that is what you really need to play your best golf.  And players with all kinds of swings and swing positions have earned great control over their ball.


Transfer Training and Skills Testing with TrackMan promote ball control.  Take a look at the following screen shots to understand how.


In this practice session, the player didn't know he was being tested.  He began on the range, simply aiming at a flag without knowing how far it was and trying to hit straight shots with no consideration for the wind.  In his mind, he was practicing his swing.  After the shots, he said he felt like he was swinging pretty well.
Note the dispersion pattern in the screen shot: it isn't that wide but has been blown by the wind away from the target.  While this player's swing is good enough to play very well, he hasn't been practicing controlling his ball to a target, so his score isn't as good as it could be.



Immediately following that part of his practice, the same player was told that he was going to play a game and that he needed to land the ball as close to the hole as possible.  This time, he was practicing playing golf, instead of practicing his swing. Note how the pattern is much more centered around the target. 





The change in focus made a big difference for this player.  His swing didn't change one bit, but his ability to control his ball certainly did.  This kind of practice is called Transfer Training because when you train this way, it actually transfers to the course. 


Typical driving ranges are simply not set up well enough to make it obvious that you need to practice with this kind of "Transfer Training" mentality.  But after a few Monitored Practice with TrackMan sessions, you will have experienced for yourself how to practice in a way that will make you play better on the course.


Simply put, by practicing on TrackMan, you learn how to learn.