Practice With TrackMan

Practice With TrackMan

"Monitored Practice with TrackMan" will help you shoot lower scores. These independent practice sessions on TrackMan, the game's most respected technology tool, will provide you with valuable information that WILL improve your game.

We offer three types of practice sessions:

TrackMan Combine

During a TrackMan Combine, you'll hit six shots to ten defined targets. The shots start at 60 yards and work up to your driver. On each shot, TrackMan provides you with the distance that you hit the shot, the distance the ball landed from the target, how far the ball was to the side of your target and a "score" for the shot.

In the end, you get a report with a score that lets you know were you stand compared to your goals. It also shows you your relative strengths and weaknesses. Not only is the TrackMan Combine a fantastic tool to benchmark your game, it is true practice with feedback. This feedback helps you to become more sensitive to your distance control as well as the effect of the elements like wind...things that are often overlooked when practicing on the range.

Find Your Distances

You select a club and hit five shots. If you hit a poor shot, simply delete it from the five. TrackMan precisely measures the carry distance for each shot and after the 5th shot, provides an average carry distance for that club. From here, click on the "normalize" feature and TrackMan will calculate what the ball would have done on those shots in neutral conditions (no wind, 75 degree temperature, etc.) You now have a realistic carry distance for this club. Simply choose your next club and repeat the process.

Are you making the following common mistakes that cost golfers lots of shots?

  • Total Yardages vs. Carry Yardages

Players often add their actual carry distance to a presumed "normal" amount of roll to come up with their "Total Yardage." But conditions like wind, green texture, green speed and slopes vary far too much to use these "total" yardages to plan your shots. If you want to play to your potential, you need to learn and play with your realistic CARRY yardages...not your misleading total yardages and TrackMan provides you with your best opportunity to discover your carry yardages.

  • The "Perfect Shot"

Yes, it is did hit that 7 iron from "x" yards away onto the green - once. But did you notice that your ball mark, even on that perfect shot, was still 15 yards short of the pin? So in reality, the shot didn't fly "x" yards, it flew 15 yards less. And how many times out of 10 can you reproduce that shot?

Don't plan for the perfect shot. Learn your realistic carry yardages. It may bruise your ego for a little while but if you are serious about shooting lower scores, the bruise will heal very quickly because your scores will start falling based upon your dramatically improved decision making skills. TrackMan gives you the information you need to make good decisions on the course.

Approach Test

During this type of practice session, you'll hit shots to a target that you select. You'll receive feedback regarding your distance from the target and the accuracy of your line. After ten shots, TrackMan will provide you with your average distance from the target as well as a score that is similar to the Combine score. From here, select another distance and start another series of 10 shots.

You can use this format to practice "stock" yardage shots, "in-between" yardage shots or both. Either way, this form of practice with feedback WILL improve your game.

No matter how you use your time on TrackMan, bring your data to your next lesson with Dom or Mark and they will help you use your results to take your game to the next level.

Monitored Practice with TrackMan
45 Minute Sessions
Made by appointment in advance.
Call 215-862-9045 to reserve a time.