Mark Walder

Mark Walder




  • Golf Digest Top Young Teacher in America
  • PGA Certified in Teaching and Coaching
  • Certified Golf Coach (Dr. Rick Jensen)
  • Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor, G.S.E.B.
  • TrackMan Level I, II and Operator Certified
  • SAM PuttLab Certified Instructor
  • Titleist Performance Institute
    • Level I Golf Fitness Instructor
    • Level II Biomechanics
    • Level II Junior Golf Coach
    • Level II Golf Professional
    • Level II Power
  • K-Vest Level I and II Certified Instructor

Here Is What One Student Has To Say

"In a nutshell I could not have been more satisfied with my experience with Mark. He easily translated my performance goals into a concise and effective lesson plan and the positive results were both immediate and long term. I started the season as an inconsistent 10 handicap, capable of cracking into the high 70’s but equally as capable of trying to avoid a score in the 90’s. By the end of the year I was down to a 5.7 and was playing from the "tips.” The season highlight was a 1 under par 35 on the front nine at Jericho. I am looking forward to continuing my progress under Mark’s watchful eye.”

Sean H.