Want to play better golf? Then you need Coaching, Integration and Customization. At DiJulia Golf, we are uniquely qualified to do all three.

You Need Coaching.

We lead the entire process of helping you master your game by taking responsibility for everything that influences your performance: technique, decision-making, self-management, practice, equipment, tournament planning and more.

You Need Integration.

We lead your efforts to integrate each and every skill that influences your performance so you can execute all of them...together...when and where it counts - on the course.

You Need Customization.

We lead your journey within your reality. There is not one "right way"...but there is a best way for you. We help you find it.

The Coaches

Dom Dijulia

A GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher since 2007, Dom is a leader is his field. One of 11 TrackMan University Partners worldwide, he is a also a Swing Catalyst Ambassador and a PGA Master Professional Faculty member. Dom is a 2-time Philadelphia PGA Teacher-of-the-Year and a recipient of the Horton Smith Award for outstanding contributions to education.

Mark Walder

A Golf Digest Top Young Teacher in America, Mark has been with us since 2006. He holds advanced certifications from TrackMan University, Swing Catalyst, Titleist Performance Institute, K-Vest, The Golfing Machine
and SAM PuttLab.

Players Say

John A.

Iíve been a professional educator for 30 years and had the opportunity to watch Dom give FREE LESSONS with the passion of a piranha!! I admired his intensity...

Jim T.

You nailed it. You took a junior who has never touched a club before and transformed him into a PIAA State Champ contender and PGA Junior Tour Champion.

Josh W.

I seriously feel like I just robbed DiJulia Golf because of the little I spent for the amount of information and help I received.

Lou A.

You did so much to help me in last season, I cannot wait for good weather to come back. You guys are truly the best!

Fran N.

I just finished a round and I broke 90 for the first time. - and that was with two missed birdie putts. Thanks - I owe it all to you.

Mike O.

Just want to let you know that our work has helped me TOTALLY. Hitting the ball so solid, it is scary. It's just funny how you opened up my eyes. I am...

Jane R.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the golf tip that was published in GOLF Magazine. It has helped me immensely as I have struggled...

Marco D.

I just broke 80 for the first time and qualified for my club championship. This is the first time I've had one swing for all my clubs. You are the best...

Ed D.

Just wanted to let you know I've played a whole bunch of really consistent rounds - 78, 80, today I shot a 75. Great drives, really great stuff. I owe...

John C.

Thank you for Friday. What a great session. It's all starting to show up in a new normal.

Charles D.

I am hitting the ball so much more consistently. I just had the best 9 holes since I can't remember when. Your coaching is making a difference.

Mike V.

Dear Coaches, After yesterday's tune up I played one of the best rounds of my life. My index is already down from a 15 to an 11, and trending lower....

John O.

Most impressive to me is how they helped me piece together the numerous skills that golf demands, making me a cohesive golfer, rather than just a swinger...

Dean E.

Never before have I been involved with instructors who seem so committed to my individual success. Although I have been involved with many talented golf...

Neil F.

I am playing absolutely the best golf I've ever played. Everything about my game is much better. You're just really good.


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