Dom DiJulia

Dom DiJulia


  • GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America (since 2007)
  • Golf Digest Top 20 Teacher Under 40 (2007 - 2008)
  • Ranked Among Top Teachers in PA by Golf Digest
  • Two-time Philadelphia PGA Teacher of the Year (2002, 2006)
  • Philadelphia PGA Horton Smith Award (2007)
  • PGA Master Professional
  • PGA Master Professional Faculty Member
  • TrackMan Partner (one of only 11 worldwide)
  • TrackMan Certified Master Instructor; Level I, II and Operator
  • Certified Golf Coach (Dr. Rick Jensen)
  • The Golfing Machine Authorized Instructor, G.S.E.B
  • Titleist Performance Institute
    • Level I Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
    • Level II Junior Golf Coach
    • Level III Junior Golf Coach
    • Level II Golf Biomechanics
    • Level II Golf Professional
    • Level III Golf Mechanics
  • GolfPsych Certified Instructor
  • K-Vest Level  I and II Certified Instructor
  • FitGolf Certified Instructor

Here Is What One Student Has To Say

"My experience to date has been remarkable. To say Dom 'meets you where you are' does not give him enough credit for his ability to alter his own teaching style, language, and tools to be able to instruct you, as an individual, in the most efficient and effective way. Dom is a great teacher. He happens to teach golf. He is patient, intuitive, knowledgeable, giving of his time, a superb listener, clear in his thinking and language, and all with an easygoing personality that puts his students at ease and ready to learn. Lucky for us, golf is his passion."

- Lorri P.