Top 100 Club Fitting

Top 100 Club Fitting

Optimally Fit Clubs Lead To Lower Scores

Why Custom Fitting?

Optimally fit clubs lead to lower scores and poorly fit clubs lead to higher scores. It really is that simple! And if you are not absolutely certain that your clubs are optimally fit and made with precision, they probably are not - and you are leaving strokes on the golf course. Whether you are a competitive, committed or recreational golfer, our custom fitting program offers you one of golf's ultimate improvement opportunities.

Custom Fitting is for You If...

  • You wish all your clubs felt like your favorite club.
  • You want your clubs to help you make the best swing you can instead of requiring you to make compensation moves to get a good result.
  • You want to decide which clubs to put in your bag, for instance, four wedges and three long clubs or three wedges and four long clubs.
  • You want more yards and more consistency from your driver.