Fitting for Young Juniors

Fitting for Young Juniors

Our Program - For Younger Juniors

For younger juniors, we offer the US Kids line of products because it is the most versatile and technically appropriate line on the market. Whether your junior is a beginner, intermediate or advanced golfer, US Kids offers the right fit. With a variety of head weight and shaft combinations, US Kids provides clubs that are appropriate for any junior.

All Junior equipment is not created equal. It is far better that your child has a few clubs that really fit, as opposed to a whole set that doesn't. Clubs that are too long or short, or too heavy or light, lead to a swing with compensations and a lifetime of poor habits. On the other hand, equipment that is properly fit makes the game more fun, allows for more success and helps create good habits.

We offer a complimentary fitting to assess your child's size, strength and ability. This allows us to recommend the proper length, weight and set composition. Call us to schedule a complimentary assessment for your junior.

For information on our fitting program for middle-school and older juniors, visit our tour level fitting program page here.