Dijulia Golf

Our unique approach to improvement is called:

It is a Performance Based, Comprehensive and Highly Customized
approach to the game that fosters continuous improvement.

Performance Based

We are capable of and committed to improving your performance on the golf course!  We are not simply out to make your swing look better on video.


Performance in golf is the result of many interdependent factors that need accommodation including:

  • Your practice and playing habits
  • The lies of the ball, the wind, hills, strategy, etc.
  • Your current: skills, clubs, body, golf IQ, emotional control etc.

Accordingly, our lessons provide you with a multi-layer approach that improves your ability as a whole golfer, we don’t only improve your swing or your putting stroke.

Highly Customized

Your goals, your experience and your learning style are all unique to you. We take the time to know you, we listen carefully and we work within your circumstance.

Mastery in golf is a journey that challenges a player to grow and develop in many areas.  Perhaps Tim Gallwey put it well when he wrote in "The Inner Game of Golf":

Performance = Potential – Interference

This formula is one of the most important principles at the heart of The Golf Matrix Way.  Your scoring average (performance) will improve as you enhance your skills (potential) and reduce the barriers to your success (interference).

To truly Master the Game, you have to address your performance from both angles, you must enhance potential AND reduce interference.  In addition, you need to do so in all the areas that impact performance in golf. 

The Golf Matrix philosophy, outlined below,
enables us to both enhance potential AND reduce interference

in all of these areas in a way that is most appropriate to your unique circumstance.

Performance and Investment

The Performance Mentality- “The best swing thought is no swing thought.” - Bob Rotella

The Investment  Mentality- “Good golf begins with a good grip.” -Ben Hogan

Bob Rotella’s quote points out the need for freedom and trust in order to play your best. We learn and use this mentality in the Performance part of The Golf Matrix.

Ben Hogan’s quote points to the need for sound fundamentals and sound technique. Learning these fundamentals and techniques, and working them into your game, is done in the Investment part of The Golf Matrix.

The Performance and Investment mentalities are different, but need to work together. They are at the core of The Golf Matrix because your score is dependent upon your ability to achieve balance between the two mentalities.

Your Game & The Game

Performance in golf is influenced by both things unique to you, Your Game, and things that are apart from you, The Game.

In the middle layer of The Golf Matrix, things unique to you fall under Your Game. They include: skill level, physical & mental conditioning, practice habits, equipment etc.

The Game covers areas apart from you such as: the wind, hills and the texture and speed of the greens etc.

We help you achieve breakthroughs in your game by providing solutions for each of these factors that directly influence performance.

Short Game
& Full Swing

In The Golf Matrix we empower individuals to become complete players; we teach the game itself, not just the techniques.  Improving technical proficiency is, however, a necessary part of attaining peak performance.  The outer layer of The Golf Matrix is where we help you master the techniques.

We will help you with your technique because we teach you within your reality.  If you have the time and desire to make an on-plane and biomechanically sound swing, we can help.  If you simply want to stop that slice, we can help you too.